Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. That’s a top tip from nutritionist Sofie van Kempen, who we’ve teamed up with to deliver a free online workshop jam-packed with top tips to create Real Food Lunch Boxes.

Based on affordable, yummy, kid-friendly recipes that focus on nourishing your family with healthy snacks and brekkies on the run that you can batch-cook for the week ahead. Sofie also covers plenty of options for ingredient swaps to suit those with allergies or different tastes.

This fun and flexible approach is helpful for any parents struggling to get veggies or savoury food in their kids diet. You don’t even have to go ‘over the top healthy’ because let’s face it, no-one likes ending up with wasted food. Just try your best and meet your kids where they’re at.

Pop in store to grab the recipe cards from our team. Ingredients don’t cost loads of money and recipes all have 5-6 ingredients so you really can’t go wrong. And make sure you watch the video to hear all of Sofie’s tips to make less-waste, super-easy and nutritious lunches that the kids will love.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

  • 1

    Green Hulk Smoothie

    So many kids have attended our workshop and their parents are blown away by their kids coming back to get more serves of our green smoothie. Amazing what mentioning the Incredible Hulk can do!
    With a blend of fruit and veg, protein and fats, check out our best ‘hidden veg’ ideas. Kids will not taste these or be turned off by the texture. Don’t miss our top tip for freezing fruit. You will be amazed at how versatile a smoothie can be when you’ve got the right insulated bottle to pop it in and keep it cool.

  • 2

    Chia Pudding Goodness

    Little jars of chia pudding can be very enticing for little people. Follow our tips to make sure you get a good amount of fats while balancing out the sweetness. There’s so many nutritious additions you can pop into a chia pud, ask one of our team in-store for ideas. Our warrior lunchboxes have little compartments perfect for these puddings too.

  • 3

    Bliss Balls

    Using organic dried apricots or dates, healthy fats, protein and coconut, bliss balls are a wonderful treat for morning tea. By making your own bliss balls using wholefoods from The Source, you can avoid highly processed vegetable oils which cause inflammation in the body. Swap in oats and swap out the nuts to make these school-friendly.

  • 4

    Seed Bars

    Using a seed mix from our store, a sweetener like maple syrup, any nut butter and a couple of other ingredients, you can create a delicious balanced and nutritious snack that will set in the fridge. No baking required. Drizzle chocolate on top for extra yumminess.

  • 5

    Rice Paper or Sushi Rolls

    Seaweed paper, tuna and cucumber with mayo, or egg and mayo make great fillings. Chicken is also a favourite. Or if you’re not a fan of seaweed, rice paper is an easy alternative. Check out the video for our tips on adding extra hidden nutrients with healing properties of bone broth. Beeswax wraps instead of cling-wrap make a brilliant sushi-roll-wrapper, stop sogginess and make this easy-to-eat snack totally waste free.

  • 6

    Pesto Pasta

    With some ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen, you can throw together a tasty home-made pesto. Greens like rocket, zucchini, spinach and herbs like parsley or coriander, hemp seeds, macadamias, parmesan cheese, a good quality salt, raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, a variety of oils like olive oil, macadamia oil, hemp oil. The options are endless. Check out our range of pastas at The Source to suit many dietary needs. Sofie also shares a secret ingredient you can add to your pesto for added flavour.

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